Thursday, January 31, 2008


I don't have just a ton to talk about today.

One of the girls here, Ellyn, is having her ten year Westlake anniversary today. They are taking the department to Grand Luxe. I think I may have posted about that before... so I am looking forward to that.

We're doing our normal month end close crazniess...

Conrad is feeling better. He's still at home today, working from there- our weather is pretty bad.... and I think he still needs a day or so to get his strength back. Of course, he should be on a sugar high since I came home last night and he had eaten ALL the brownies. I was so upset! I bought these Little Debbie brownies for him when he was sick Monday night. My grandmother used to get them for me- and he loves them too. We each had one and when I got home yesterday, cooked and ate dinner- I started looking around for a little snack. I opened the pantry and NOTHING. They were GONE! I have no idea how he ate them all up in two days. UGH - so I'm sure that helped him regain his strength.

I don't know why he just won't post, but he wanted me to retract my Valentine's Day statement. He DID buy me a gift last year but he said he did it because I was feeling so bad. I was- I had a terrible cold, had just started my job and was miserable. I didn't even REALLY want to meet him for the V-Day dinner... so he said he only bought me the presents to make me feel better. Retraction PRINTED, Mr. Hopkins.



Rebecca said...

Ha! Usually it is me that cleans the household out of sweets. I am glad to hear men are capable of the same thing!