Friday, January 18, 2008

Workin' Hard

I have been working so hard since Conrad has been gone. There's been no problem sleeping this time around- I think I wear myself out every single day!

First I climbed up in the pantry and found all the rice and syrup- around the same time, I cleaned out the fridge. While he's been gone I've been eating things that need to be eaten, random stuff ... and it's helping to clear out the old stuff AND I am saving money by not eating out. CHING CHING! SCORE!

Then I went into the closet and went through all my clothes. I was holding on to things that had holes, things that were stained, or raggy looking... things that were out of style or just plain ugly.... I had a system. I have a throw away pile, a donate pile and a pile to keep. I found out this week my thyroid levels are OFF again, aka the reason for a slight bit of weight gain. So I had some things that are just a TINY bit to small, that would be easy enough to get in again when I get my levels straightened out, that I really LIKE and I didn't want to part with. However, when they are hanging in the closet and I have memories of how super cute I was in them, it's enough to send me running for the brownies. So I decided to pack them away for another time. When I get them back out again, it will be like going shopping in my closet!

Then last night I went to library to pick up my new books that were on order. I also went by the grocery store and got groceries for the next few weeks. I am going to try a few new recipes. I have been on the hunt for simple, easy and healthy. I think I have a few candidates... and I am also going to be REALLY bad and make Chicken Georgia again - maybe on Sunday night. I have to use the mushrooms soon or they'll spoil.

I also picked up a box of RIT black dye. In my closet cleaning, I found some servicable items which have faded. I think I can re-dye them black and save them. One of them was a Chico's shirt I paid $68 for about five years ago. I have worn it SMACK out. But I am wondering if I can get another year out of it. I love that dad-gum thing. This is a shirt they carry all the time- I could go get another one- but they don't go on sale all that often and for $1.52, I might can save it. We'll see!

Conrad is so lucky to be getting himself such a frugal woman! However, let me point out, it does NOT mean we should spend our savings on Maxim Magazines and firearms. Just saying...