Monday, December 31, 2007

Alamo Bowl

Greetings from Houston! We made it back from San Antonio.

I was SO sad I didn't get to go to my Loop party back in Dallas on the 29th. This is the anual Christmas party my high school buds have every year- the same party I met Conrad at (again) two years ago. So it's special to me...

Anyway, Conrad wanted to go to the Alamo Bowl and see Texas A&M- so I called my old buddy Lee at Pro Pac and he hooked me up with some seats. They were GREAT seats- about 12 rows up, on the Aggie side. I thought C was going to take his dad - so I was all prepared for another Dallas weekend, but then his dad wasn't able to go and Conrad REALLY had his heart set on going. So... I sucked it up, took one for the team and even wore a Texas A&M sweatshirt... and went to the game.

We had a pretty good time. We went ahead and put Blanca at Strawberry Dog for the night and used my Marriott points for a free night and off we went. Upon arrival and because I am a SILVER STATUS member of Marriott Rewards, ( I KNOW!) they gave us a Manager's Special card for this place called La Fogata. Apparently, a very nice Mexican place in San Antonio. Well- never one to pass up a deal, we loaded up the car and headed off to La Fogata. I don't know what came over me, but suddenly, I was a Samari or one of those Japanese voice-over people from the old movies. I started saying LA FOGATA very loudly and with that crazy Japanese voice-over voice... because just the name really DOES make you want to dredge up sound from the back of your throat and just spit the name out. So I did, like 100 times. Poor Conrad- he actually stopped in the parking lot the last time I did it, and told me to stop. Ha Ha Ha

Anyway- good eating. It really was. We were led in the right direction and the manager's special was a FREE flameado appetizer. SCORE!

We went back to the hotel where Conrad read all of the hotel literature to stay awake and I piled into bed and took a nap. Then off to the game- Aggies lost 24/ 17, although in the beginning it looked promising... then we were back in Houston yesterday at 11AM to pick up the baby. A very MAD and sleepy baby.

I am the only Abercrombie/Hopkins working today on this New Year's Eve- even thought we get out at 2- I left the other two at home this morning, snug in bed.

Happy and Safe New Year's Eve to all of you my family and friends. I will publish Christmas and Bowl pics very soon... but please be safe, don't drink and drive and if you do, please take a cab home. Everyone enjoy their relaxing day off tomorrow and let's all start the New Year refershed!

Remember- April 26 of this upcoming year, we'll be getting hitched! Big party in Houston for 2008.

Love and Best Wishes,