Thursday, January 10, 2008

Health and Gov

To follow this post, you probably need to read Tracy's comments on my blog post from yesterday.

I don't know if socialized is better than the system we currently have. All I know is my entire life I have heard about how lucky I am to live in the US and how our government is the best, etc... and yes, it's true we don't have county-wide famine. We don't see pictures on the news of thousands of Americans walking down a dusty road, in rags, hungry.

But we do have a TERRIBLE legal system. In this country, someone has to PHYSICALLY attack you before you can get a restraining order, in most cases. Someone calling you and telling you they're going to kill you isn't good enough. The government is far too worried about infringing on the ATTACKER's rights, than on the victims. In many cases, the victim is dead before they were ever ALLOWED to file. There were several cases in Texas this year- I think 20 or more - of exonerated people allowed to leave prison after 20 or more years because they were finally cleared of crimes they didn't commit. That's just in Texas.

I've heard from some of my friends in Dallas that the food banks there are running out of food. There are so many hungry people in this country too.I remember I got into an argument one time because a family member had decided to try to spend her time and money fighting for the Afghan women, because they are oppressed. WHAT?! What about the single mothers in New York, Birmingham, Houston, Little Rock, Minneapolis? What about them? Isn't our money and time better served, staying here at home.

Then the healthcare issue. You raise wonderful points, Trace. ... and I think it boils down to the fact that not everyone, everywhere is going to be happy. I don't know if Socialized healthcare is the answer. Michael Moore's movie, Sicko, is certainly worth a watch. It will make you angry - but it will make you think. I didn't get my information about Canada from Michael Moore- but from people I know there. Some like it, some don't.

The point of my tirade is that some people like things here as they are and some don't... and healthcare is near and dear to my heart because I am sick and had been let go from my job- working temp, I didn't have insurance - and I needed help. I called my doctor to get help before my insurance ran out and she wouldn't help me. They were too "booked". I offered to come in and sit all day in her office and wait for a canceled appointment. She wouldn't help... I called insurance companies, they wouldn't help... government, no one.

It seems if you are sick in this country, you're on your own. Conrad heard it so much his ears were bleeding. I was alone and I was upset and scared and there was no one to help. Now my mom did buy me the COBRA for two months and I went to my primary care doctor. He did a blood test and wrote me about 6 months worth of medicine and then mom got me a catasrophe insurance plan which didn't cover doctor's visits. My endocronogist VISIT was $500 a pop and that didn't include the blood tests... so six months later, I was back in the same boat. Luckily for me, my primary doctor took pity and saw me again (self pay for office visit and bloodwork) and wrote me another prescription. I was un-insured for a year and NOWmy insurance plan does not cover pre-existing conditions. I am STILL seeing primary care doctors for blood tests. I will not be eligable to see my endocrinologist until May 6 of this year- TWO YEARS I have gone without being under a specialists care... and I wonder why I've gained weight, why I had heart problems, why I sometimes can't sleep and sometimes all I do is sleep. I have had no specialized medical care. Because the government and insurance companies make it too hard and too expensive.

It's pretty scary- the truth is, I'm afraid to get old in my own country.

Edited to add: There was a Bridal Extravaganza this weekend in Houston. I did not go, nor did I make Conrad miss his Bowl Games. I AM AWESOME.


brianalso said...

Karyn PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, call me before you vote on the issue of health care. Please....