Monday, January 28, 2008



I came in today, logged in and saw 89 days til the wedding. What? When did I miss the three month countdown mark? Oh yeah ... uh SATURDAY. Saturday I should have looked at Conrad and said THREE MONTHS! ARE YOU READY?, then sat back and watched the fear take hold in his eyes. Oh yes, this is really going to happen, Mr Man- you are going to be MARRIED... but um, yeah, I forgot. I missed my PERFECT opportunity to scare the pants off him! I hope I'm not going to be one of those girls who is just so foggy she can't remember anniveraries. I hope I don't get to April 26, 2009 and forget to tell Conrad Happy 1st Anniversary. What is WRONG with me? Aren't girls supposed to be ALL about anniversaries and Valentine's and all that? Not me. I really dislike Valentine's Day- I feel all the pressure to either prepare a fabulous dinner or find a place halfway not crowded so we can celebrate our love. Presents? Conrad is the hardest person on the earth to buy for... all I feel is pressure- what if he gets me something better than I got him? Ugh. I wish we could just skip that entire day. We got through the first one by telling each other it was too soon and we didn't want to celebrate. WHEW! Second one was last year and we met out at dinner. I came empty handed (AS AGREED) and he showed up with chocolates and flowers. DOH! He said he did it on purpose and while I DID accept the gifts, I felt bad that I had stuck to the original agreement...

Anyway- less than three months now. Something like two months and 28 days or some nonsense. Thankfully, we are motoring right along. I'll work on invitations this week. Did you know they have to be HANDWRITTEN? It's like a nightmare...

I did bring up the fast approaching day to Conrad a few days ago and I did wait for the panic, but none came. Apparently he has reconsiled himself to the fact we're getting married. I was really hoping to torment and scare him these next few weeks and months- and provide a little entertainment for myself, but he's not budging! I guess I gotta go to Plan B. :)



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getting close - exciting!!

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