Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wedding Update

Full steam ahead!

We 100% have a minister! WOO HOO
Invitations- Check
Tux - Check
Rings sized- Check

We are just trucking right along. I think we did more in the last week than we did for all of November or December. I have no idea what I was thinking planning a wedding during Christmas and football season.

Which brings me to the next thing- LSU won the National Championship last night. DRAT!
I still have a deep, unabiding hatred for them. My boss showed up here at work today wearing her LSU jersey. So sad... and here I thought this was a safe place to work (sobbing). The only thing that could be worse is if our Vice President was an OU fan. Bless him, I don't think he is.

Anyway... taking a break from wedding stuff for a few days and just going to enjoy life. I find I have to take a break now and again, although really, when comparing with other people's big productions, this is just nothing. This is just me complaining about finding the right shoes. We are really, for most purposes, pretty much done.

Conrad is getting ready to leave for Orlando on Monday- and I am planning which Chick flicks to have delivered to the house while he's gone. Blanca and I have some girls days planned. I even went and got myself all the food I'll need while he's gone. I won't be cooking any big dinners- this will be like frozen pizzas, eggrolls and noodles, okra soup and lima beans and sausage. YUM YUM.

I am most excited about the lima beans. As with most veggies, Conrad hates them. I don't know what's wrong with that boy... poor thing tried to kill off my daddy at Thanksgiving by asking him WHO Jefferson Davis was and then announced he didn't like boiled peanuts or grits. My dad told me it wasn't too late to back out of this wedding thing.

WHO was Jefferson Davis? Great sakes alive, I almost had to pick my daddy up off the floor.