Friday, January 4, 2008

Yesterday- All my troubles seemed so far away

Yesterday, back on track. Hardly a meltdown in sight.

Conrad's mom is talking to the minister today... and Conrad has agreed to go with me tomorrow morning to get our rings sized, my wedding band ordered and I also need to replace a diamond in my grandmother's ring. I want to wear it when I get married, so she'll be with me. This takes yet one more thing OFF the list! Conrad said that he is going to be able to do The Men's Warehouse thing during the week, as there is one near his office- so this won't cut into his Bowl Game time. What was I THINKING, planning a wedding during football season... my sweet Conrad has not been available on a Saturday since late August. I kid ... kinda... he will of course, always be available to me on a Saturday- and he would miss a game for me... but he would be sad about it and baring an emergency, I would never make him do it.

I think the invites should be arriving soon as well, and even though they are not due to be mailed until February, I can at least begin addressing them. I also am going to go this weekend and hunt down some wedding shoes (I need them for my alterations) and soon shall go to the wedding store and get my unmentionables to suck and hold me in the dress... then January TO DO list will be just about wrapped up. I think we are rocking and rolling on this thing. I should be a professional wedding planner- except I don't do well with anyone's drama but my own (and really, there is so much...) and I don't really like many women. HA HA HA ... so.... maybe not.

Mr. Conrad is about to go on his big business trip in about a week- to sunny Orlando. He will be gone a week. The big joke in his company is that all the guys are going to the golf course and all the girls... and Conrad are being signed up at the spa. This is why I love him and why he "gets" me. Conrad would rather be at a spa anytime than some ugly golf course and this, my dear male readers, DOES make him a real man... I'm going to use that time he is gone, to clean the closet and jewelry box out and maybe paint a wall or two. I also want to catch up on some chick movies. We will miss him dearly, Blanca and I, but this will motivate me off the couch and into some productive movements.

Everyone have a LURVELY weekend!



Tracy said...


The supplements that Darlene was telling me about are Acidophilus and Lacto Bacillius. The Lacto stuff is only at a health food store and in the refrigerated section.

Have you read the Dr. Oz books?