Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ah Sugar..... Honey. Honey


Conrad has been gone a few days now.... and I have been cleaning and organizing the house. We have TWO wedding showers coming up and I know that I will have no where to put anything- so I started throwing stuff out, making donation piles, etc.. we really had no use for 8 phone books, or 2 blenders, etc...

Last night I tackled the pantry area. I haven't done that before- so I found some remnants of Conrad's former life. WOW. I am REALLY concerned. He had FOUR bottles of syrup. FOUR. Some of it expired in 2002. All were in various states of use. It would be different if it was maple, blueberry, sugar-free, etc. - but it wasn't, it was ALL maple syrup. Did he have some sort of sugar addiction I'm not aware of? Was he like Vince Vaghn in Wedding Crashers- where he just piled up all kinds of random food like muffins, sausage, eggs, potatoes and fruit and then poured an entire bottle of syrup on top of it? I mean WHAT is going on? It was very disturbing.

On my side, I found like four boxes of hot chocolate I had forgotten about... I do like it and I do drink it, but I guess I forgot it was there... and why do they sell GIANT boxes of crackers? Why don't they sell smaller boxes? I really don't WANT all those crackers, but if you want crackers at all you have to buy the giant boxes. I threw out like three boxes of stale crackers last night. SO SAD.

Also from Conrad's single days- I came up on FIVE boxes of minute rice. He had four of the smaller ones- which I think hold two bags and one of the giant ones which has like four bags. I have never seen him eat rice. When we go to the mexican restaurant he never eats it. What is up? This was all plain white rice too- and most of it, you got it ... EXPIRED.
But he doesn't EAT it, so I don't understand why he had it- unless he was stocking up for the big Y2K crisis or something... maybe a hurricane.

YES! Maybe this was his hurricane preparation kit. My hurricane preparation kit is my truck. So I can GET OUT.

We also have an ant problem- now I know WHY- Conrad was feeding their syrup addiction. They seem to get into boxes and bags. So I bought some airtight canisters yesterday and put those in there. I had to throw away the rice and grits and food the ants had gotten to- but this weekend when I go grocery shopping, I will replace those things. Conrad will be SO excited to hear we'll have grits again. He hates them.

That boy is just NOT right!