Monday, January 21, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

So... Conrad was gone for a week. I ate things he doesn't like- like okra soup and beanie weenies and veggies. I brought my lunch everyday and at night, I did cook or heat something up at home. I didn't go out for six days, or however long he was gone.

So he got home this weekend and I was ready to cook, but he said no, he wanted to take me out- I had been probably cooped up all week. So we went out to a Mexican place and can I just tell you, it wrecked havok on my tummy! I was so not feeling good when we got back home... I wonder if the eating in and then eating out just sent my system into a tailspin. Isn't that WEIRD? I felt awful- it was more food than I had eaten in over a week.

So I cooked last night- we had stuffed bell peppers. They were really very good... I think though next time I am going to cut them in half and stuff each half- like a little bowl... because each of us eating two entire bell peppers, it was a little too much. When the second one came into play you were really sick of bell pepper- but we did eat the stuffing out of each one of them. It was a simple mixture of hamburger, onion, rice, diced tomatoes and a beef boullion cube. I topped them with mozeralla cheese... it was good.

Then today I go to put on my black pants I haven't worn in a few weeks and there is at least an inch gap where my tummy used to be. I zipped them all the way up and it feels just fine... hmmmm.... interesting... I didn't eat out for a week = an inch gone from the tummy area. Hmmm...

Tonight though it will all be wrecked because we are having Chicken Georgia! Still not as bad as a restaurant though- and I can control the portions. Tomorrow I think will be balsamic steaks on the grill with red potatoes made in the oven. I have been gathering recipes while Conrad was gone. More of that nesting syndrome, in preparation of the wedding, I reckon...


P.S. I hate the New York Giants
P.S.S. I also watched ONE chick flick while Conrad was gone- Evening with Meryl Streep and Toni Colette, etc... it was really good. A total chick movie. I liked it and I put it on my "to buy" list- you know, when Blockbuster has that ridiculous 5 movies for $20 sale. I will purchase it then. If you're feeling depressed though, save it for another time. It was sort of a tear jerker. I didn't cry, but I was on the fence, you know what I mean? If it involves a kid or a dog- or better yet a kid WITH a dog, I'll cry like my hand was cut off- but if it's just a luuuuuuuurve story- then I just get sort of sad.