Friday, February 1, 2008


Today's post is about peanuts- the product that almost single-handedly drives the economy of Georgia- my third favorite state in this glorious union.

(i.e. South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Washington- in order of my most beloved)

Anyway- peanuts are ok in my book. I enjoy them boiled and I enjoy them honey-roasted. That's about it. I can walk by a bowl of peanuts with no problem. If I'm on a plane and there is no other nutrients to be found, I'll eat a couple of bags. I am very selffish when it comes to the boiled ones and I'll almost always lovingly share my honey- roasted ones. I think peanut butter (both the smell and texture) is extremely disgusting and the mere mention of a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich sends me running for the porcelain goddess. I truly cared not for peanut by-products.

Until last night. OH MY DOG! The Grand Luxe Cafe has something called the Vietnamese Chicken Spring Roll - and it comes with SHUT UP- PEANUT SAUCE!!!! I thought I had died and gone to Georgia! It was sooooooo good. It was so good I ordered another side of sauce. I don't know if I even tasted the chicken. I ordered another side of sauce to put with my actual entree (Spring Rolls were an appetizer).

Anyway, I am now so enamored of the peanut, I went and had the Thai Chicken Salad with PEANUT SAUCE from California Pizza Chicken today for lunch. I am on a peanut loving roll. A peanut massacre. When I see a peanut now I just want to smash him up until he is SAUCE!

God Bless America- and also Thailand, since they may have come up with this delightful condiment. They are now my second most loved country.

(i.e. United States, Thailand, Scotland, Ireland, etc ... - in order of my most beloved)