Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mega Mel's

Wednesday: 20 minute Turbo Jam, 10 minute Turbo Abs (stand up set)

Conrad and I found a new place to eat last night. To all you burger lovers who have visited, we apologize for not having found this place sooner and taken you. We never would have found it anyway- it's deep in the bowels of Tomball. It looks like it's being held together with duct tape and chicken wire- the AC (window unit) drips and dust is covering everything. It's AWESOME! For those of you from Dallas, it's Goff's x 5. It's FANTASTIC. It's called Mel's... and it's back in the woods, there's no way we would have found it, if not for the internet! I found a website called and it has reviews from regular people, separated by zip code or type of food. I found review after review on Mel's.

We got two burgers, a basket of onion rings, a tea and water for $13.00 YES- and it was GOOD. We were seriously talking about having them cater the wedding. Three people could share one of those baskets of onion rings. They are GOOD- they blow Goff's away.... the hamburgers are $2.75 each- so I mean, how could we NOT look at having them do the wedding? They had a big sign there too that said they cater events. Perfect! We have an event that needs catering! Theyalso have fried mushrooms and chicken fried steak and salads and things like that. I'm sure we could find a little something for everyone. As far as I know, there are only three vegetarians attending- surely I can find some tortillas or something for them to chew on. :) Kidding! I'll take care of them... but seriously, it's heart attack city in there. For all out of town guests, be sure to bring your running shoes, you may have to work out after this wedding.

Thank goodness I did Turbo Jam last night - I really needed it after that meal. It was great though... good place. I'm going back to the website for more places to try this weekend. Maybe a Mexican one this time.

I need a garage saling buddy- so I'm thinking about rounding up the neighbor lady next door. Conrad knows her husband- I have asked him three times what the woman's name is- he said he has been told numerous times, but he can't remember. GREAT. So, "hi neighbor lady- will you come out and play with me?" I am thinking I need a better plan than this... so I'm thinking on it today and please feel free to comment and give me your thoughts. She has a new baby- like 10 months old- and I'm sure the daddy can watch it for a little while. She may welcome the chance to escape from the two of them. There are bargains to be found in this city and I need someone to go with me and keep me jazzed up about it. Conrad is no help- he's addicted to Lowe's on Saturday morning, plus he's my yard boy... and he has a job to do.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA. Kidding Conrad. Kidding.
(not really....)

That's all for today, folks!