Monday, September 17, 2007

This is for the Dogs

As many of you know, I am mother to a sweet, precious, but highly bossy and tempermental miniature schnauzer. Well, at least, I USED to be.

Don't get me wrong- everyone deserves a daddy, but I thought being a good mom was enough for her. WRONG.

Let me begin by showing you a picture of Blanca with her father.

LOOK at this... this is what I have to live with day in and day out. Look how she has just thrown herself across him in wild abandon. You can't see it well, but most of the time, she just tucks her head up underneath his chin, she lets out the greeatest sigh like she is beyond content and she will go to sleep.

Now let me show you a picture of Blanca with her mother.

LOOK at the wild-eyed fright. Look at her body language - how she is deparately pulling away from me. I had to clamp her down to get her to participate in this picture. Her eyes hold a trapped look and look at the grim set of her mouth. This is NOT a happy baby. This is an angry, resentful, teenage girl who is clearly thinking, "MOM...."

Last night I had to put up with yet another of Conrad and Blanca's love fests. I could hear all the kissing going on and Conrad with his giggling "oh Blanca... ha ha ha ha"... and then him BEGGING her to "kiss mommy"... telling her that good girls kiss mommy, etc., etc....

Thank you, but I won't beg my dog to love me. Without me and my decision to move this family to Houston, she wouldn't even HAVE a daddy. I get NO respect.