Friday, September 14, 2007


I am excited and pleased to announce the new Taco Bueno in The Woolands is OPEN!

When I drive down the street, my greatest joy is to see the building of which I am showing you now. I am SO going to Taco Bueno this weekend! I am going to throw myself in a big Bueno Chilada Platter!

Also pleased to announce I had a dental appointment this morning. I have been following all the rules- today was my two week checkup. I sat out in the parking lot reading for ten minutes just to calm myself. The last time I casually strolled in, I left drooling like a 3 month old. No thank you. Today I went in and they said my gums looks WORLDS better... I did have some tartar that was hidden by all the swelling and bleeding last time. Thank You Dr. Slatton! ... anyway, there were a few pieces that had come out of hiding and they got those off. They had to numb my bottom teeth again because the roots are so sensitive down there. It was not pleasant, but not nearly as bad as last time. Then she gave me some delightful strawberry flavored polish and she polished up my teeth. Sadly. I do have three cavaties and I have to go back in October to fill those in. Then I am released into my own care until Jan 22, when I have to go back for the three month check up. There will not be a speck of tartar there for them to hack away at, or I will get Conrad's automatic sander and take it off myself!

It's another college football weekend, so I'm sure tomorrow will be spent at home, for the most part. I SO love this time of year- football of course, Starbucks starts serving the pumpkin latte (YUM YUM YUM) and it gets cooler, I can wear my super cute knee boots and then of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

No updates on Conrad. He had meetings and dinner meetings all week long. So I barely saw him - only when he came in to tuck me in.... but I'm sure I'll catch you all up on him this weekend.



Dickie said...

well did you go to the taco place? Is it as good as taco bell?? LOL