Friday, September 28, 2007

End of Month


It's all you hear around work today. It's the last full workday of the month, so all accounts must be closed. It's a pretty hectic day. I couldn't go to Vegas with Tracy and the Porch Monkeys from Arkansas cause of end of month. BAD BAD END OF MONTH!

Well, tomorrow we head off to College Station for the A&M/Baylor game. We're meeting Conrad's parents, sister and nephews there. WOO HOO on meeting the family but kinda ick about the game. I'm so selffish with my Saturday's. I don't like errands or cleaning or any thing I "have" to do on my Saturday's. I want the option of laying around. Although almost every Saturday I do housework, or laundry or run to the library or grocery store- there's always something going on to interfere with the plan of just staying in the house. But this is different- we have tickets and we have to go.

Well the bright side is- I do like Conrad's family and it's ALWAYS nice to see them. Another bright side is the baby, Kamden is going. We never really get to see him- only twice now since he was born. So every time we see him, there have been DRASTIC changes. I feel bad about that. I feel like we should be there for every little thing- I guess that's one of the bad things about living several hundred miles away... and then the other bright side is there is a place there, called the Chicken Oil Company. It sounds absolutely horrid- who wants to oil a chicken or even worse, DRINK the oil of a chicken?! NOT ME! However, I am assured by the Hopkins clan it's good eatin'- Conrad's favorite restaurant in College Station and I will enjoy the heck out of it. It just has a really unforunate name.

I have been here ten months and have not yet been invited or driven to College Station by Conrad (sobbing) to see what all the fuss is about the chicken oil. Actually though, it's different being with a family who bleeds maroon. I tell you, all this time, I didn't harbor a hatred for A&M, I just didn't care much about them one way or the other... now I am surrounded by Aggies, tomorrow will be even more of them. I sort of feel obligated, when I go back to school next year, to join the A&M online degree program, just so I can fit in. Then again, I never was much for fitting in. I am a TREND MAKER not a TREND FOLLOWER.


I will report back tomorrow night and tell you what all is involved in eating at a place called Chicken Oil Company, in College Station, Texas- surrounded by Aggies.



DeeDee said...

Have fun at the game. The atmosphere at an AGGIE game is definitly something to be experienced. You will have fun if you just give in!

Oh and the red font on the black backgroud is very hard to read. It hurts my eyes.