Sunday, September 9, 2007


Friday: no workout
Saturday: 25 minutes stationary bike, 10 minute weight lifting

After the long, long, long (three overtime) Texas A&M game last night- we went back to Mel's. This time I had the 8 oz. chopped steak with two veggies and it was DYNOMITE. This place rocks! I had that, Conrad had the bacon cheeseburger and basket of onion rings, we each had tea and he also had a Diet Coke- we got out for a grand total of $15.50 AMAZING!

If you know anything at all about Conrad, you know his favorite movie is Grease. I don't know how that's possible. If you look on his walls of CD's you'll see bands like Skid Row, Lamd of God, Kill Hannah, Metallica, Megadeath, Anthrax, Tool, Fuel, Filter, and some heavy heavy heavy metal bands I can't even think of.... and yet, the man belts out the Grease soundtrack like he was on Broadway. On the way back from Mel's last night, he popped in the Grease soundtrack and sang to me all the way home. He started with Summer Nights, moved on to "Stranded at the drive in- branded, a fool....", then we went to You're the One That I Want, Greased Lightning.... thank GOD he didn't sing Hopelessly Devoted to You... I may not have made it out alive. He was a little annoyed that I refused to sing the girl part to Summer Nights- he wanted to practice for the wedding- but Summer Nights has NOTHING to do with our relationship. It would be like singing Beauty School Drop-out. Ridiculous.

That's all for today! I am going to see if I can get Conrad to agree to take me to the Studio Movie Grill tonight. I feel like getting out.



Dickie said...

you know, I got to thinking and being that you are still an RRK, I BET you knew about Mel's all along and just did not take us there so you could torment us long distance..I just know it!!!!