Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's All Gravy

Today is MUCH better. It has all been worked out. I had a thought and ran it by Conrad, he agreed and now we have this thing in the bag!

Instead of renting out an entire restaurant, as previously planned, we are just taking over the private rooms... and a few days before, I just call with the RSVP'd number of people and we pay for that amount of food. The wedding now is coming in $1000 UNDER the budget, instead of $4000 OVER. WHOOP! We are going Sunday to put down the deposit and take all the pictures the decorators are going to need. We're probably also going to have dinner cause that place is GOOD! Then we're done.

I will have to get invitations made, which is no biggie and I'll get my dress, Conrad will go get fitted for his tux (he wants the one with no tie- big baby) and it's easy street. I have always always wanted to buy one of those bridal packages at the spa. Where it's like six months of treatments leading up to the big day.... and now I TOTALLY am going to do it! That's going to be my one big "Bride Thing"... so we're pretty much done til the first of the year and pretty much very proud of ourselves!

Now to today's topic: I have myself a babysitter. I was getting tucked into bed last night and I got the question: "Did you brush your teeth tonight?" What I am - 4?! Well the answer was "No, I did not". I got marched into the bathroom and he stood guard by the door, arms crossed while I brushed my teeth. Then he had the nerve to say "Get the ones in the back." Like I don't KNOW that. DUH!

Anyway- he thinks this ring makes him the boss of me... he also told me he has 90 days to take it back for a full refund, so now I am on a 90 day probation. He is so funny... so clever. I'll give him his 90 days and then I have the next 50 years.

Um... kidding Conrad!