Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Disappearing Act

I didn't mean to be gone for an entire DAY!
I just got sort of involved. All internet time has been reserved strictly for wedding plans. I found out through my friends at work that Houston books up very early. I thought NO WAY- we can book this at Christmas. Um- NO. Everything is booked for a year.... terrible! I have called hotels, chapels, banquet halls, reception halls, restaurants. Today I thought I hit pay dirt by calling our local Community Center- but they are not open on Saturday's and she MIGHT have been the rudest woman I have talked to in three weeks.

*sigh* anyway- I did find a restaurant that we like. They've agreed to shut down for the evening and we could have the wedding there. I didn't get the budget up front, so I'm not sure yet how to swing it. It's SO expensive here. I am wishing for good old Dallas where I knew 100 people with big houses, or at least I THINK I do. Nana's house is in SC and Dad's house is in FL and with doing either one fo those, we would automatically alienate the groom's family and all of our friends and coworkers.

I never thought I would be a stressful bride. I never thought I would be a bride. Turns out I am both. I have been in a bad mood for two days- my stomache hurts and I feel a little sad.

I just want the thing booked. If I can get the place booked, then I can calm down and have fun with the rest of this, but this is not fun. This is the most NOT fun I've had in a long time. I do not like wedding planning. This is 800 times different than my trade shows and fishing tournaments. I want to sit down with one of those kegs I am ordering and get lost in it.




Dickie said...

should have taken my advice: elope...poor baby, take a deep breath, it will work its self out

Anonymous said...

Vegas baby - its still not too late