Monday, September 10, 2007

3 for all....

Sunday: all day workout. I did pushups, situps, cruches, leg lifts, squats pretty much all day. I just tried to keep moving and incorporate movement into everything I did on that day.

Thankfully, all three of our teams pulled it off this weekend.

A&M barely made it, Texans pretty much had it in the bag and Dallas had me VERY nervous last night. It was a pretty exciting game, but I admit I was flipping back and forth between football and the MTV VMA's. Britney's performance was a DISASTER. I was almost happy to see it. She has enough money to live seven lifetimes, I mean HANG IT UP- she is just getting trashier and trashier- stay home and feed your children or take a class on how to restrain them properly in a carseat or something, for goodness sakes. This performance made me cringe.

First of all, that was the most poorly chosen outfit I have ever seen.... and listen, her stomache NOW is worlds better than mine NOW, but it was not the stomache of Britney of old... this was the stomache of a mom of two kiddos and of a person who inhales a lot of that Louisiana fried chicken. If you were known for your spectacular six pack and now you only have about a two pack left, I say there is no reason to advertise that to the entire world in a sparkly bikini get up. The bottom alone was WAY too small.... Then there was the terrible lip-synching. I don't think she knows the words to her own song... and WAS it a song? I mean really? It was mostly a lot of breathing and that mechanical voiceover stuff. Please, I can do that... AND then there was the just limping around the stage. She never danced and when she did move, she was not in sync with her stripper, pole dancers. She would just turn to the side (bad belly shot) and just sort of do this sick bunny hop. The entire thing was a nightmare. I thought I may be the only one who felt that way- and maybe I just had some kind of built up Britney hatred I wasn't aware of... but then I also read the same reviews on Yahoo and this morning. If this was designed to make me rush out and buy her new album, then the attempt failed miserably.

There's just something about watching other people's misfortunes just unfold in front of you, I guess...

Well... interesting week coming up. Conrad has two late nights coming up- he has people in town for work. I have my biopsy on Wednesday and then my fine scaling and polishing on the choppers Friday. NOT looking forward to either of my procedures. Wish it was Saturday already...