Saturday, September 22, 2007

Once Bitten

Saturday: walked two miles around the neighborhood

Back on the program! I did pretty well today- even though it's the weekend and we almost always go out to eat on the weekend, we didn't. We stayed home like a good little family. I AM thinking about making some brownies, but I'm only THINKING about it. Sometimes, just knowing I CAN is enough. If I know without a doubt there is nothing sweet in this house, then I am more apt to drive to Sonic and get a treat... but I KNOW there is a brownie mix in the cabinet and some juice boxes in the icebox, so that in itself, comforts me.

Well, I did walk today. I went and did a mile this morning. Conrad had to take his car in to get the brakes done, so I had to cut it short, so I could go pick him up. Turns out, they told him the brakes look brand new- which is impossible, the Tahoe has 130K on it- but they said there was absolutely nothing to be done to them. Now Conrad is convinced I took the truck while he was out of town and had the brakes done- but I didn't. Unless someone stole his truck out of the airport parking lot this year and had a brake job done, the mystery stands...

Anyway, so this evening after dinner and after the sun went down, I did my last mile around the neighborhood. I mapped out a little trail the other day in the truck so I could track how many miles it was. My track right now is two miles... and this evening, rounding the last curve on the way home, I was attacked by a pack of rabid dogs and bitten. Well, ok- it was a terrier puppy and his nasty, mean, biting chihuahua... one of the fat ones, not the Paris Hilton ones. It HURT! They were all the way across the street and on the other side of the street. I rounded the corner and they came tearing down the street. They were barking and running straight for me- and they almost got hit by a car.... anyway, they got to me. The terrier puppy was just barking and jumping around. The stupid Taco Bell dog bit me on one leg and when I kicked at him, he bit me GOOD on that leg. No skin is broken, but it's a fat swollen mark and it's purple. I was pretty close to home, so I yelled at them and they turned around and went home. I watched so I could see what house... then I got back home and Conrad put some peroxide and some Neosporin on it. DANG DOGS! I love them- but these ones were MEAN. It puts me in mind of that time I was attacked by that turkey when I lived in Austin on my uncle's land and he had turkeys and cows and stuff. Anyway- that's another story..... for another time...... but it brought it back for me. One more crazy incident and I could have my own When Animals Attack show.

I shall interview my next family member tomorrow ....