Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Use

My biopsy results came back- NEGATIVE!!!!!

I am so so so so so so happy and relieved!
It's amazing what your mind can do. This entire time, of course, I have just lived everyday- sleeping, eating, going to work, but I think there was some major underlying depression that I wasn't even aware of. Today, after speaking to the nurse, I feel like working out, cleaning the house, whatever needs to be done. I have been so upset and just internalizing everything- I barely even wanted to come to work. I either wanted to sleep or cry. These things are so scary... amazing what the mind can do.... and not in a good way. It has made me just lazy and sad and depressed... but no more! I feel like tonight I can get back to Turbo Jam and get my life back. This has been QUITE the last two months. WHEW! This means I can have a great trip to Hawaii, a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.
I think I have found a place for Blanca to go while we are in Hawaii. It's called Miss Daisy's Dog Camp go check it out! This place ROCKS. It's like, Blanca is going to go on vacation too. This is a no kennel, kennel. It's sort of a big open room with beds and windows- so no one has to be locked up in those awful kennels or behind fences. It has two acres of fenced in land- with a kiddie pool and soccer and all kinds of things. It has dog doors that are open 24 hours a day- so if your doggie just has it mind to go play some soccer or take a dip, he/she can! The big open room has radios and TV's and of course, the dogs can play in there too- there are big baskets of toys and things. If you don't like the group sleeping plan, you can arrange to have your dog put in a private suite for the evening- and each suite has a private covered patio and and a dog door. This is the LIFE!
The one drawback is that you have to drop off your dog for an "interview" to make sure they are a personality who can be with other dogs and I THINK Blanca is. She spent a lot of time at Pappy's Pet Lodge playing in Daycare, in Dallas... but who knows. You are allowed to tour the facility for 20 minutes with your dog, then you leave her for theday. Her activities are videotaped and when you come back, you can sit down and watch her- to see if you're comfortable with the interaction. Interesting... if you know Blanca, you know she sort of has a mind of her own. She's stuborn and willful and has a bit of an entitlement problem. I don't think she'd think twice about knocking another dog off the bed if she felt she should be there. This is why she is sometimes known as Queen B. So *sigh* , Conrad and I are going to have to do a lot of training or SOMETHING in the next two weeks, leading up to her interview. I SO hope they take her. She will have so much fun, she won't even know we're gone.
I SO want her to be able to go to camp!
Proud and Hopeful Mama,


Anonymous said...

Yea, so glad to hear good news. That boarding places looks great!!! Why can't they have that here in Dallas.