Friday, September 7, 2007

Shutting the Door

Workout: None, I went to Rancho Grande and threw myself in a big bowl of chips and queso. I had a craving that would not QUIT- so I blew off the workout and blew my diet completely.

Quick shout out to my Dad, my sire, my favorite author! I found out yesterday he has been reading the blog. Now if you don't have your copy of Shadows of the Prince by David Abercrombie, I urge you to run, not walk to and get yourself a copy. It is not too late to redeem yourself. You can also check dad out at and get his address so you can send your book to get it autographed or email him or whatever it is you want to do. Nifty website and has some interesting links to my home city- Charleston, SC. He does not mention ME, nor does he have a link to this blog, but I'm absolutely positive his readers and fans would want to know more about his charming and beautiful offspring.... I shall devote the rest of my days to convincing him that's true.

Now to today's topic. I have noticed lately and also when I was going back and forth to Dallas, that when I leave the house, Conrad just shuts the door. I had suspected it, but this morning, there was confirmation. When I used to visit, I would load Blanca and myself into the car and we would wave and back out of the driveway. By the time I got the truck into DRIVE gear and went past the house, he would be back inside and the door would be shut. Now, being from the south, I always fancied that my prince would be tearfully behind the glass door, waving a white handkerchief, bemoaning my departure... (you know, like on Gone With the Wind, before the war, when Scarlet would be on the porch and all the boys would be gathering around her, waiting on her hand and foot and acting a fool when she would walk off- they ALWAYS watched Scarlet depart!).... but I guess when I was traveling back and forth I figured he was just too torn up to wach us drive away. I had visions of him curled up next to the front door, sobbing and missing us something awful. I comforted myself with that. Now I know it's not true!

This morning was a rare morning when Conrad was up and about when I left. So he and Blanca walked me to the door. I commented on our pet froggies that live on the porch light... I said goodbye and I was barely on the last step when I heard the door shut and LOCK behind me! No watching my departure at ALL! Unless he's some kind of weirdo tht watches thru peepholes. Maybe I can comfort myself with that! :)

Now Conrad, if you are reading- I am just KIDDING. I don't need you to follow me out to the car everyday or press yourself up against the glass waiting for me to drive off.
However, being a little torn up when I leave would be nice (wiping away a tear)....