Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend Update

Monday: 20 minute Turbo Abs

Turbo Abs KILLS. It wasn't so bad doing it, but this morning trying to sit up in bed was pretty challenging. I am going to try soon, to combine the Abs with the Turbo Jam. That should be a well rounded workout for awhile, before I move on to Turbo Sculpt.

This weekend was pretty easy, breezy.
As you know, we did go out Sunday night for our "I love you" anniversary to Steamboat House. SUPER yummy! We also watched two of our Netflix movies, which was awesome, they had just been sitting there forever... and all weekend, it was football, football, football... We watched the Michigan game, the Clemson game, the Virginia Tech game, ah- and the Tennessee game. Sadly. I heard that Florida won their game.... and of course, A&M won theirs. We didn't watch the last two.

I don't know what it is with Conrad, but every time Clemson scored he wanted me to jump up and down and scream and yell. I do love all things South Carolina, but that's going a bit overboard. He thinks I should celebrate all things SC- since I go on and on about my heritage. But I really go on and on about all things southern. I mean, I get just as jazzed about all things Tennessee or Georgia or North Carolina... now, Florida and Virigina, I don't know... Virigina is pretty close to being Yankee-town and Florida is just full of Yankess. So those two places are pretty hard for me to get excited about. But if someone wants to sit me down and have a conversation about how beautiful Alabama is, well I am IN... or how well they cook in Mississippi... sign me up... ! But I refuse to jump up and down like an idiot every time Clemson scores. Now that's just silly.

Oh- Conrad DID take me to Taco Bueno on Monday and I found out the new one is opening in The Woodlands on 09/13. This is a good 20 miles closer. I am SO excited. It will no longer be considered "crazy" for me to drive to Taco Bueno... because that was 26 miles. I don't believe TB is on my Turbo Jam plan- but I think every once in awhile is ok!

Alright well... that's it for today, at least from ME. No telling what Conrad is cooking up to post about. He asked yesterday if instead of singing at the wedding, if I would prefer him to do his interprative dance... mmmm.... NO