Sunday, September 2, 2007

80's Theme Wedding

So, I figured I would poll the public on the best idea's for mine and Karyn's 80's themed wedding. Below, I have given choices for everyone to vote on. Any new idea's are welcome as well.

Here we go!

First is attire for the wedding. For Karyn, I am thinking about either leg warmers or those knee length stretch pants. Possibly a Uni-tard. She should also wear one of those oversized pull overs that look like a turtle neck, except that is hangs down. She should also have her hair with those bangs that stick straight up. And a Debbie Gibson hats. Finally her shoes should be jelly's.

For me, it will either be MC Hammer pants or parachute pants. Along with the fake snake skin patent leather shoes, or boots. I think a good 80's hair band poofy pirate shirt should go well with either. And of course it would not be buttoned to keep the chest wide open. For hair, either a full mullet or a Flock of Seagulls hair-do.

Now for the song I will sing to Karyn after the wedding. Anything by REO Speedwagon should work. Or, Sweet Child O' Mine. For the people more into hair bands, maybe Whitesnake's "Is this Love". Or, for the real rockers, Britny Foxx's "Long Way to Love."

Finally, instead of a traditional diamond ring, maybe a mood ring.

Karyn is very interested in this idea, so post up your idea's.



Dickie said...

I think it sounds need a disco ball too, I think you could wear that white suit like travolta did..that would be kinda cool too..and I think a mood ring is perfect. It doesnt matter WHAT you sing to her, just as long as it comes from the this is gonna be a cool wedding...don't forget the Elvis impersonator to preform the vows..

Tracy said...

Hi Conrad,

This is Tracy ~ Karyn's B'ville friend (Go Hogs!!!).

I LOVE the 80's wedding idea. In fact, I graduated in 89 so I am ALL about the 80's! Here's a few of my ideas:

You: wedding attire should mirror that of Ducky in Pretty in Pink - right down to the shoes and June Bug colored suit. The other requirement is the classic 'Duck Tail' hairstyle.

Karyn: she could TOTALLY rock the Madonna look circa 1984. Lace t-shirt, tulle skirt, white corset. She probably already has suitable jewelry, saving some money!

Songs: Duet should be the Lita Ford / Ozzy classic 'Close your Eyes'. EPIC!!
Your serenade should be 'Love Song' by Tesla. Won't be a dry eye in the building...
Of course, the pre aisle walk should be (what else) 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol...

Okay, let me know if you need further advice. I won't even charge, and I am a badass, highly in demand, 80's advisor!!!


Carter said...

Hi Conrad!

Tina and I were talking about our future wedding theme. She suggested a 50's theme, but I don't think it is a good idea because she so clumsy (we know that 50's women are very conservative) and not fit with my personality. Then, I mentioned about 80's. We both remembered the movie " A Wedding Singer". We love the songs and we want those to play in our wedding. After the wedding ceremony, I want the closing song to be "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship. For sure, our wedding will be very unforgettable and cool. I want florists in Calgary to fix the wedding decoration for our wedding.