Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well... dear readers....

Since my last post 5 hours ago.... Conrad has asked me to marry him.

I was gone on my walk when he was back here setting it up. I came in, posted on the blog and then went to run some bathwater, when I found the ring on my pillow.

We are VERY excited!!!! Conrad travels a lot during the summer, so we have decided to have it in early spring, plus it will still be nice here in Houston. It will not yet have turned into Africa. So we're thinking... March.

We of course called parents and stuff and everyone wants to see the ring. I am sort of thinking it might be a tad tacky to post such things on the internet- but since everyone lives so far away... here goes. They are pretty blurry. It's not so easy to take pics of diamonds... so this is the best we could do.

I don't know a darn thing about rings, but Conrad tells me the center stone is a marquis and it's surrounded by princess cut diamonds, the princess cuts are on both sides, and there are two squares, made out of squares.

Guess you'll just have to see, AT THE WEDDING!!!!

Karyn Abercrombie (soon-to-be Hopkins)


Dickie said...

It is NOT tacky, we all live so far away, it is the only way to share with you! It is beautiful and I am thrilled for both of you. I think ya'll are perfect together, I adore Conrad, and think his folks are pretty cool, too! YAY all of US...we are gonna be such a cool family! or should I say MORE cooler?? Is that a sentence????

DeeDee said...

I am very happy for your both!