Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stop Monkeying Around

Monday: No workout. I just flat didn't feel like it.

On to today's topic.

I absolutely adore the show What Not to Wear on TLC. They are the first ones who basically told me it was ok for your shoes not to completely match your outfit. For instance, if it was summer and you were wearing white pants and an orange shirt, it would be completely appropriate to wear a pair of gold sandals. I just love that. In my pre-What Not to Wear days, I would have probably worn orange sandals... which is ok too, but not nearly as fun.

So last weekend I was watching a "where are they now" show where they are bringing back about 8 people from prior shows to see if they were keeping up with all the things they learned. These 8 girls had family and friend who snuck into their closets and sent What Not to Wear a few pieces that were NOT on the "ok" list... and so it was basically like these people had backtracked a little bit. So imagine my shock and disbelief when one of the girls is called up on the carpet to explain a pair of shoes she had. A pair of shoes I, Karyn Abercrombie, own and ADORE.

Let me stop here and show you a picture. These are my Michael Simon monkey sandals. They are absolutely precious.

Please look at these works of foot-art and tell me what is wrong with them???!!! Clearly, you can see the banana there on the bottom of the shoe- CLEVER and IMAGINATIVE.... you can see the monkey there on the front, with FUR- also completely charming... and look how the little tail dips down there off the shoe. GENIOUS. They are also super comfy.

I am insulted and enraged that they would find one thing wrong with these adorable works of art. I can not even believe it. Do you know Stacy and Clinton, from the show, took these priceless beauties and THREW them in the GARBAGE?!!!??? I almost needed my smelling salts. I am simply stunned.

Well- they don't know EVERYTHING. Clearly, they are missing out on the next fashion trend. I went on Ebay and Michael Simon has other designs. Yes, that is RIGHT, DESIGNS- these are artwork. He also has these cute umbrella shoes and these strawberry sandals. Please, let this be a feast for your eyes!

I don't think What Not to Wear is my favorite show anymore.


P.S. I think I might need the umbrella sandals. They are so super cute. I could really make those look good.


Dickie said...

I LOVE the monkey sandles, and the doggie ones with the bones too! that show sucks!