Monday, March 3, 2008

Tea Time

There is a restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas that my friend Sunny and I just love. It's called The Dove's Nest- it's a restaurant and a little shop. Super cute!

They have this orange spice iced tea that is to DIE for. Any of you ladies that like the spa or maybe spa food would LOVE this tea. We have lusted after it for years...

Well Sunny just found out it's widely available- it's a Bigelow Tea and the flavor is Constant Comment and it is WONDERFUL! I happened to be at HEB last night and picked it up. I literally can not wait to get home tonight and make some. I've always drank it cold, but I imagine it would be just as delightful hot. They said the only change is that they add a little bit of orange juice to it there at the restaurant. I'll try that too ... but right now, just so happy that my home can now feel like the spa!

At lunch today Tosha and I will go to the tailor with my wedding dress and see about getting it cut down a bit. I'm happy to say it's too big!!!! ... and that will be one more thing OFF the list!


... and OH MY GOODNESS! I just found out the Dove's Nest has a BLOG!!!! I am adding it right now to my links!


Barrie said...

I'll definitely try that tea. I can even get it at Target!

And you're having your wedding dress taken in?! You go, girl!