Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am so super proud of me. Yesterday after leaving the tailor, my friend Tosha and I headed over to this Greek American deli that we've passed a hundred times. I had the special of the day- mousaka.

If you know me, you know I'm not an adventurous eater. Meat-wise, if it's not a chicken, pig or cow, I'm not touching it. I also don't like those "exotic" parts of the chicken, pig or cow- such as tripe or pigs feet or any such nonsense. As much as I adore you all, I don't want to eat the duck you shot, the wild pig you tracked down and I want NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING to do with a deer you maliciously stalked through the woods. I cringe when I think of the old time southern fare- squirrel, snake, turtle... I watched my dad, in Philadelphia, suck the meat off some rabbit bones one time and I almost ran for the hills, maybe Mount Vernon (it was closer).... GROSS!

So I was particularly proud of myself that I went out on a limb and had the mousaka yesterday. I normally avoid Greek places because I'm convinced they try to force you to eat lamb, usually secretly. They had this hanging advertisment talking about their ALMOST pure beef gyros, with "just a touch of seasoned lamb". A touch, a pinch, a bit- ALL too much lamb, if you ask me! NO THANK YOU.

But the mousaka is actually ground beef, eggplant, potatoes with this eggy/cheesy sort of topping. It was VERY good. Very rich, but great and that Greek pita bread was top notch! I would go back there any time but I will be watching very carefully for any lamb contamination.

Don't try to slip it past me! I can smell wild game from a mile away...