Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Short Week

This is a short week- we're off on Friday for Good Friday. I'm trying to make the most of it by jamming lunch and after work with all my errands. I don't want to HAVE to do anything this weekend, although I did tell Conrad I would make a ham for Easter dinner. I'm also tossing around dying eggs, but that's just for me. :)

I dropped the wedding dress off at the cleaners last night and called the guy this morning. It will be ready on FRIDAY instead of the original three weeks he told me it would take AND he quoted $120 but this morning told me closer to $50. SCORE!

I found out my friend at work has a sister who has an artist and many easels at her disposal. I needed an easel to put up the sign that people are going to sign when they get to the wedding- it's our "guest book" that we'll now be able to frame. SO if the sister will let me spray paint the easel, then we have a free easel folks. :)

I don't know where I got it from, because I'm a HUGE believer in heredity. I'm pretty convinced I am who I am because of people who came before me. My cousin Matt and I both have the compulsion to dig through and purchase other people's junk- and that came from our grand dad... who pretty much made his living, after retirement, fixing up other people's trash. I love it, Matt loves it- we have PROBLEMS! I also like to go off and be by myself a lot- I can lock myself in a room or house for days on end with no other person, no TV, nothing but a book and I get that from my dad ... I can read books endlessly - I can just get through one after another after another. There is NOTHING, to me, like the feeling of getting ready to open a new book- I get that from my mom. So where do I get this urge to make list after list? I don't know - but I do. I have them for everything- books to read, movies to watch, things to do, wedding list, Cd's to buy, things to do this weekend, things to do long term, things to do to the house. It's never ending. So let me tell YOU that getting wedding dress altered, wedding dress cleaned and easel all checked off my list- it's almost like eating a carmel covered cheesecake,. HEAVEN for me! I also like to check things off in a color like RED so I can see that this is OFF the list. I know, problems, right?

Back to the to do list this week- I have to take Blanca to the vet- I got her an appointment on Friday. She has this bump/lump thing on her hind leg. It looks like a pimple that just got clogged up and schnuazers are known for skin problems. She DOES get what they call Schnauzer Bumps which are just these crusty pimple things and they says LOTS of her breed get these... but this is different. This is like a dime sized thing and it's not a tumor I don't believe, because I can grab it and it's really just on her skin, NOT growing out of her body. But you know me- KRAZY- I want to make sure my baby is ok and it's been on my mind. I made a committment to her to be her moma and take care of her, so off to the vet we go!

Conrad just found out he's off on Friday too, so I don't really know what that means in terms of us going out and doing something- but there's probably plenty to do and even though it's a holiday weekend, I'm hoping for some garage sales on Saturday. I need some baskets for a wedding project for the mom's.

Wedding. Wedding. Wedding.
It never stops. We really SHOULD have gone to Mexico or Vegas



Dickie said...

Grandma Lina was Queen of the you got that honest too!