Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm at home sick today- it might be my first sick day in about three years. I'm not dying, but I sure don't feel well... I had a really bad headache yesterday - woke up with it- so I went on in and as the day progressed, I started to feel really sick to my stomache. When lunch rolled around and I tried to eat something- MISTAKE! By 3PM or so, I was pretty much laying on my desk.

I came home and went straight to bed and here I have been ever since. I always dreamed of day after day in bed but um- yeah, not that much fun. I'm bored, I'm hungry and I still feel pretty rotten. When I'm down and still, I am ok- but when I get up and move around I start to feel bad again and the headache is BACK. Ugh!

So I am here at home, checking my work email and trying to take care as much as I can from here.. I don't like to inconvenience my coworkers.

The plus side is now I can see what Ms Blanca does all day and that is NOTHING. She got up this morning and went outside when her daddy asked her if she had to ti-ti. I guess the answer was yes. Then she came in and laid with me and was snoozing within minutes. As the sun came up, that must have bothered her delicate eyes, so she burrowed underneath the covers and stayed there. I did get up about 30 minutes ago and got into the bathtub and she took that opportunity to go have some breakfast... and now, she's back in bed. She has all the pillows piled around her like a fort and she's sound asleep. I wish I had her life.

Back to the bath- I KNOW I must not be feeling well. My bath is one of my life's great pleasures. I have favorite products and candles and I always take my books in there. I didn't even crack my book open this morning. I just laid there, cleaned up and got out. I must be on my deathbed! :)

Big thanks to my sweet Conrad for going to get me tummy medicine and supper last night.



Jess said...

I'm sorry you're so sick! I hope you feel better soon.