Friday, February 29, 2008

Time is Ticking!

Conrad and I sat down last night and filled out invitations- I had no idea 150 would take so long! He did stamps, I did the writing. He said he knew he would "not be allowed" to write on them and that's RIGHT! No way- I see his chicken scratch everyday. I'm no calligrapher by any means, but no boy is writing on my invitations! Wow- that may be the first bridezilla thing I've said! Anyway, I am hoping to get them all in the mail by Monday- which is something like 7 weeks out. I think that's right on schedule... but we have maybe 50 more to go.

This weekend I think we'll also maybe order some attendants gifts- I think I found the PERFECT ones for the boys! The girls are a little harder and to clarify, we do not have a wedding party - I'm talking about the two best men, the dad's, the mom's and the two girls who are giving me the rehearsal dinner. I'm really trying to make them special gifts. Working on it !

The girl who was going to go with me to my fitting caught the flu, so we've moved that out to Monday, which is no biggie... and hopefully by the end of March anything involving my appearence will be over and done with... really there's not a whole lot left to do, but I'm still feeling pretty stressed out for some reason. I wish I knew why.

The good news is I'm going to some craft thing this weekend- I may be able to pick up some nice things there. I also have to buy hostess gifts for the people giving me my Houston shower. WOW, getting married is expensive!!!

I also have to say that sitting at your desk, eating homemade tamales is not really condusive to the "fit in the wedding dress" plan, but holy schnikes they are good! I'm sure that's what most girls do, 57 days from their wedding, eat lard and saturated pork, one by one by one. That's what stress will do to ya!

Wanna see my wedding shoes?

Peace, Love and Matrimony,



Jess said...

Okay first of all, I don't think it's Bridezilla-y at all to want your invitations to be LEGIBLE so that they will actually be delivered. I didn't let Torsten address any save-the-date envelopes either. Although "let" is the wrong word because it would have taken a lot of convincing to get him to do that even if I had wanted him to.

Second of all, CUTE SHOES!

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DeeDee said...

cute shoes!