Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Press On!

Ok, yeah ... I will not be having the dry cleaners press the centerpiece fabric. They cost $50.00 for all three dozen of them and the dry cleaners wants to charge $98.00 to press them. Um, NO. I spoke to Conrad and he said we could each start ironing ... a little at a time. Sounds good to me. I'm not paying over double what they're worth. WOW.

But the dress looks great!

We had our first pre-wedding altercation. If you know us, you know that Conrad and I don't fight- we don't even bicker. Until yesterday. Out of respect for Conrad and our relationship, I will not divulge what the fight was about, but let's just say I'm TIRED and I'm STRESSED. I work 8 hours a day and commute almost 3 hours a day between the back and forth to work. Conrad works the same amount and on most days does 2-3 hours commute as well. We both work hard .... and then to throw the wedding on top of it ... well, for the most part, I have done most of the day to day detail work, etc... which is not to say Conrad isn't helping, isn't concerned and doesn't OFFER - but what I mean is, I keep the to do list and because I am a first child, a Type A personallity, a control freak and former event planner- I sort of taken the job upon myself. I pretty much laid out what I wanted, I have taken over most of it and I divy out jobs as people ask, or as I see fit. The entire thing is really my fault, because I just refuse to delegate. It's easier and I know it's done and done the way I want it to be, if I do it myself.

So yesterday I called Conrad about a small detail and I caught him at a bad time- when he was right in the middle of something and he kind of snapped at me... and it hurt my feelings and upset me and I carried it around with me the rest of the day. If you think about it, we have gotten through six months of relative calm, no hurt feelings, no fights, very little drama. I was just SO upset yesterday after that happened ... but now I can look back and say well- it was the first time, how lucky are WE?!

........ and also, every weekend from here on out is booked. We have the work crawfish boil this weekend, the Houston wedding shower the next weekend, the dry run on my hair and makeup the next weekend and I think sometime the next weekend- all the parents and grandparents are coming. Any free, wedding-less weekend is pretty much gone from now until the big day. So it's a little stressful and I guess we are both intitled to be a little snappish here and there.

One month from today, folks.
Am I nervous? Yep
Stressed? Yep
Excited? Yep
Happy? Yep

......... and I'm sure the entire thing will be a big blur when it's all over. Thank goodness for photography!