Thursday, March 6, 2008


Wedding Crisis # 1 AVERTED!

Conrad went to the post office and two different clerks weighed the invitation. One got 1 ounce and one got 1.1 ounce .... our fear was that other postage places may periodically weigh the invites as they are making their way to you, and some would be sent back .... so he went ahead and bought $.17 stamps (they DO make a $.17 stamp) and labeled them all and sent them out.

My friend at work, Sherry, is working on the Houston bridal shower. The theme is kitchen ... and I think it will be pretty cute... I'm so lucky- two showers! I guess when you get old and no one thinks you'll EVER get married- when you do, everyone is so shocked and dad-gummed happy they just celebrate to the hilt! :)

Nothing much more to report today. Conrad worked late and I stayed near the Galleria and had dinner with a friend from work- Tosha. We both came home and crashed. There's something about eating a lot, and eating a lot late that just sends me to bed!

I am going to head over to Bath and Bodyworks this afternoon because they have the cutest bag with purchase over there... and I MUST have one! I told Conrad I didn't have a cute overnight bag and I really really NEEDED one. You know what he said? "Then register for one". WHAT?! No... the answer should have been "What color? I'll be right back... I'm going to go get you that bag ... " I'm kidding... but I am going today to get that bag. I can make that bag look gooooooooooooood.

......... and EDITED TO ADD: I just went and got my bag. I love it. I am going to be so stinkin' cute... well, cuter than I already am. Big shout outs to Sunny, who emailed me about it in the first place. Always looking out!



Jess said...

Haha, with us it's the opposite and Torsten wants to get something immediately and I'm always like, let's just register for it. Who cares if we have holes in our sheets? WE CAN WAIT.

Rebecca said...

Conrad is being super man this week!