Monday, March 31, 2008

Not a Retraction

Conrad read my post and he said I should print a retraction. Not gonna do it. He HAS become somewhat fanatical about his teeth. I'm not sure though, why he just won't take a trip to the dentist and let THEM determine if all is well in Conrad land ....

The mudbug festival went fine, mighty fine. Conrad even went so far as to the suck the heads/body just "getting all of the juice" and NOT, he says, to freak me out. It did freak me out though. ICK!
I also tried the gumbo, even though it had shrimp in it. I ate around them- ate the sausage and the big chunks of rice. I wish I remembered how to get that rice to clump up like that. I dated a Cajun once and I learned how to make a pretty good jambaylaya ... and it was clumpy, like it's supposed to be, but darn if I can remember how I did it.

We are down to something like 26-27 days before the wedding. WOO HOO. Conrad made our hotel reservations for the wedding night. We are not going on a honeymoon just yet- it seems like so much to try to do.. plan a wedding, get a dog sitter, pack, get passports, etc... and have all your family and friends in town and not to mention the actual wedding. So we are going to mosey on back to the Galleria (I work in the Galleria area) and stay at the Hotel Derek for our wedding night. Google it, it's NICE! It's very similar to the W Hotel in Dallas- same sort of premise ... the place to be "seen". Anyway, they had a nice wedding night package with the strawberries and all that... AND free parking. Well when Conrad heard that, he pulled out his credit card and said SIGN US UP! :)

As for the honeymoon- Spain and Morrocco in October!!!

The DJ called today for his conference call ... all the RSVP's are flowing in- whether people can make it or not- which I LOVE- because I just need to know, are ya coming or not? I should be able to work on the wedding programs this week either here at lunchtime or at home at night, and get those out o' the way ... and then really we are just on to stuff like getting the marriag license and calling the venue to give them the final RSVP amount. It's really really happening!!!

...... and of course, the Houston bridal shower is this Satuday and I'm very excited about that. So much so, I am not even going garage saling that day! I had a MAJOR haul this weekend though. WOW, I bought some good stuff and spent a grand total of 6 bucks. I am THAT good!



Jess said...

Spain and Morocco will be great! You guys are going to have such a good time!

Also, I love the title of this post. Hilarious.