Friday, March 7, 2008


Rebecca, from This Reading is Manic, (see links to the side) commented on yesterday's post that Conrad is being superman this week. TOTALLY. I could not agree more.

Really he's been superman this entire relationship. It cracks me up because we did know OF each other in high school and I don't know why we never talked- we just didn't move in the same circles. I never knew much, if anything about his family and while I could definitely point to him and say "That is Conrad" in high school, I never knew much about him either.

Fast forward 13 years and we up again in at a party. Which is SO weird because he went to Texas A&M with a TON of our friends and I went to College Station quite often to see them- and never saw him. Just so many odd things...

Anyway, so we meet at this party and do the long distance from Dallas to Houston thing for awhile... I meet his family and I have to honestly say I could NOT have gotten luckier and it's so funny to me that he was pretty much under my nose this entire time. My sister and his sister even went to our high school at the same time. It's just crazy...

But he has always, always been superman. I am a very emotional person. I don't know why and I have gotten it under control. It used to be much much worse. I was one of those little kids who was scared of everything... and it probably had a lot to do with my mom and dad being so far away from each other and me going back and forth every summer.. it made me sad all the time and that probably carried over into my adult life. I tend to look at things in the worst way possible FIRST before calming down and being more rational later. Now, this is not an every day or even every week thing- it's just how I react to certain situations and things like that... and I have to say, it's probably been a huge turn off to a lot of people I've dated, not that they were all that wonderful all the time either... but when you're in your 20's- the men (boys, really) you are hanging around don't like to sit there while you fall to pieces about something or another. Thankfully, I have a wonderful family who knows me and can sort of pet me and soothe me and roll their eyes at each other over my head and move on... so to find someone who can take all that in and still love me anyone is a pretty amazing thing.

He always seems to know what to do to soothe me and honestly, he HAS rubbed off on me... and I'm not quite as psycho (ha ha) as I used to be. I really am much more calm. My parents, my friends, everyone has commented on that... and then back to his family- also amazing people. His dad and my dad have the exact same sense of humor... they all get along with each other and I think they love me too... so I really did luck out.

So yes, Conrad is TOTALLY superman.



DeeDee said...

yes, you lucked out!!! Back in the day (5th grade) he was such the ladies man.

Rebecca said...

Ahh.. All your cuteness and gushiness would be nauseating IF I wasn't so happy for you. Life has a very weird way of working out, doesn't it?