Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well I am much more calm this Tuesday morning... mostly because I can see my brother has logged onto his Myspace page and clearly, was not kidnapped or mugged at the bus station. I know I mother him and I know I worry about EVERYTHING- but leaving him at a bus station in that area didn't sit well with me. I think I'm REALLY going to push him over the edge by asking him to put a piece of paper in his wallet with my name and number and "in case of emergency" because I truly don't know how anyone would know if something happened to him. Am I morbid thinker or what?!

... I also want to add that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Daylight Savings Time! It was so nice yesterday to drive home in the sunlight. When it's dark before you hit the doorstep, you sort of feel like you should put on your PJ's and go to bed... but when it's light outside, you feel like you should put on your running shoes and take a stroll around the neighborhood. It's only March, so I don't yet feel like I'm on safari in Africa, although by May, I'll be wishing I lived in parts North of here- but right now, it's the perfect time of year, perfect temp, perfect everything... I really do believe there's something to that seasonal depression the doc's all talk about. I don't have it, but I can see how some people would be effected by it. Strange to me how the best time of year for most people- Christmas and the holidays can be sort of a downer too because of the darkness and weather... but right now, I'm pretty much lovin' everything.

Tomorrow I pick up my wedding dress and take it straight to the cleaners.... we really only need to purchase presents at this point- you know, for the mom's and dad's and the two people in our "wedding party" if you wanna call it that... it's causing me some concern because I want to get the right things, I'm just not sure yet what that is... any ideas are welcomed and appreciated!

We have three dads, three moms, a grandma, a best man, a man of honor and two rehearsal dinner hosts (women). Any ideas?



Jess said...

This is so exciting! I love wedding posts! For gifts, I'm not sure (we are still stuck on that ourselves). When my sister got married she gave the wedding part really nice picture frames (all different, chosen individually for each person) and then after the wedding she let each person pick which professional wedding photo they liked best and she got them a print of it to put in the frame. Everyone loved it.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Barrie said...

I like the picture frame idea!

Are all the moms, dads, etc. from your neck of the woods? If not, something to do with your area?? Although, I do like Jess' picture frame idea. :)

How smart of you to check your brother's myspace. And, no, it is not morbid to ask him to carry your name + number in his wallet. I always figure, superstitiously, that if you cover the bases, it won't be needed. :) Hey, maybe you could even give him a laminated version (sort of business card size)?