Sunday, March 23, 2008

All About Blanca

Happy Easter to you all! It's actually a beautiful Spring day here in Houston and we've got the windows all open.

Today's post is all about Blanca. Today my precious angel turns 4 years old! We are having big time birthday stuff going on today. This morning I made french toast for me and her daddy- and then afterwards I presented her with a new toy- it's a ladybug rope toy we call Huggie Buggie. She loves it. I took pics and will post them soon of her with her new toy. She appears to really like it!

Then for lunch today, I am going to saute her some garlic shrimp. She loves shrimp, but her mama doesn't like paying for it! I bought a bag of frozen cocktail shrimp to add to Conrad's pasta and stuff, so I'm going to thaw and cook her about ten of them- for her birthday lunch. What a lucky girl!

In tomorrow's post I will tell you more about a business opportunity I may go ahead and move forward with today. It involves, of course, garage saling and thrifting and crafts ... Conrad and I are heading to a craft mall later today to check out some things. I am feeling pretty inspired and pretty hopeful. Putting together all these gifts, on a budget, for the people helping out with the wedding as really helped me get a better idea of what I can and want to do ... more tomorrow!

.......... and some pics of the baby and her birthday!