Friday, March 14, 2008


Zoolander was on TV last night and I have no idea why, but we watched it. There ARE some funny lines...

" The Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Don't Read Good"
"Hey, they're break dance fighting!"
"Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?"

Funny stuff.

Anyway, there was a commercial for a new Owen Wilson movie called "Drillbit Taylor" and for some reason it struck me as funny. So I decided to name Conrad and tried to come up with some names that sort of fit what he likes, etc... and here are some I came up with ... and on some, he was less than pleased...

Sawblade Hopkins - First of all he has developed some kind of saw fascination. He got one for Christmas a year or so back and now, he continues to add on. He even has hand held versions ... Every time something has to be done at the house, he goes and gets a new saw, or a new sawblade. "Conrad, let's hang your diploma." ....... "Ok, let me go get the miter saw". No, I'm kidding. But really it's kinda like that.

Mouth-Piece Hopkins - He appeared particulary bewildered by this one. But um. HELLO ... he used to play the trumpet, his dad is a band director and HIS DAD still plays the trumpet. I think it's good. I liked it.... but he pointed out to ME he hasn't played in 15 years... still, I say your heritage is your heritage.

Hair Trigger Hopkins - This one doesn't really fit because Conrad doesn't really have a temper. He's always calm, always even keel ... BUT he does love guns and so you know "trigger" = "guns" ...he thought that one was stupid.

So finally, I came up with and he decided it was ok- to call him Shrapnel Hopkins. so Shrapnel it is .... he said perhaps it would be more fitting for me- since I'm always going "all to pieces" and then get this- the pieces stick straight into his heart. VOMIT VOMIT What a corn ball ... :)

Then we decided I needed a name and after much debate - and with the inspiration "Glitter"- we decided on Sparkles.

So for now, I am Sparkles Abercrombie and very soon, in 43 days actually- I shall be refered to as Sparkles Hopkins.

Ah- we have the most INTERESTING evenings, eh? Are you jealous?



Tracy said...

Hey! I watched ZooLander last night, too. Well, the last hour of it anyway. Gotta love the satire!

I was reading your other entries, I wanted to give you a little advice on the taxes thing. Bobby and I found that by filing jointly it was a better deal. Together our tax bracket was lower than me by myself would be, since I make the majority. But, if you and Conrad are closer in income levels, it may be better to file separate.

My other advice would be to re-finance your house and absorb your car payments and any other debt into your mortgage. The reason is that you can deduct your mortgage interest. By increasing the amount of your home loan, you increase the amount of interest you can deduct. I did this and it helped ALOT.

Just wanted you to know that I feel your pain, sister!!


Anonymous said...

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Jeremy said...

Actually, it's "The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good, and Want To Learn To Do Other Stuff Good, Too," but I'll forgive you. You should also remember that you can't be gone a week at a Day Spa... DAY? D-A-I-Y-E?