Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Break Down

I had my first wedding-related break down yesterday on the way home from work. First of all, the past two days have been INSANE at work. INSANE. I don't know if I've ever been this busy or multi-tasked quite that hard. Not a big deal, but it takes a lot of you.

When we first got our invitations a few months ago, I gave Conrad the invitation in an inner envelope, then the outer envelope and then the RSVP card. He had the entire package. He took it up to the Post Office and they said $.41

Awesome. So he bought the postage and this week, we finished them up... I mailed them yesterday at our neighborhood post office and went to the doctor and then to work. The postman called Conrad (on his cell phone- how weird) yesterday afternoon and told him the postage was not enough, he was bringing them back to the house. Well after twelve hours, I have a little more clarity, but at first I was SO upset... first of all, thank GOODNESS I went to the neighborhood post office, because they were able to just send them back home with our mailman and second of all, because it's a small town post office, they didn't stamp all that RETURN TO SENDER stuff all over my envelopes. It's like my worst nightmare come true. I literally have NO extra envelopes and so if they mark them up and send them back, I am going to have to reorder and there's no time- we're seven weeks out.

Well, of course, at first, when I walked back into the house and saw the invites on the table I burst into tears. I do NOT want $.17 more cents all over my envelopes... it will look so ugly if I have 3 more stamps on there. Conrad said he will just get $.41 stamps and put them on there, that way it won't look quite so bad- with one more stamp vs. however many I would need to get to $.17- I don't like spending the extra money, but what am I going to do- and what is the POINT of taking them to be weighed the first time if they are going to make a mistake ... which is what the man obviously did at the first post office Conrad went too. This is clearly why people send E-cards and use UPS and Fed Ex at Christmas..... I can not stand the post office.

I know, I know- if this is my biggest problem, then I have no problems. I don't want to get into it here, but I did have a biopsy yesterday and I am going to have to have some procedure that scares me to death- so really, this is NOT my largest problem, but the two combined have stressed me to the max... and the procedure will most likely be right around the wedding it takes about 4-6 weeks to heal. Lovely!

Big shout-outs to Conrad though that came home (from 65 miles away) to handle the situation and who always seems to keep me under control when I'm not dealing well with things. This is one of the reasons I love him. I am by no means difficult to get along with, but I am emotional and every once in awhile, I get overwhelmed and it all comes out. So he sat with me and petted me while I cried and then he never brings it up again, when 20 minutes later, life gets back to normal. Some days I wish I could have a little more testosterone and not so much estrogen. Yesterday was like that... but I am very lucky that Conrad looks at all of me and not just the crazy part of me that shows itself sometimes...

My friend, Tosha, said that clearly Conrad must like the crazy part too... because it has manifested itself in many ways. If you are new to the blog, then please direct your attention to a November post entitled "The Crazies" where I completely lost my mind over a Hot Ham n' Cheese sandwich from Hardees ... and there are too many more to list...

All I can say is, Conrad is a good man.



Rebecca said...

Aren't you getting married really really soon? If you only just had your first wedding melt down - then I say congrats to you! That is a major feat!

Jess said...

Dude, I did not have a biopsy and I would still have freaked out over that. I already had a mini freakout on my blog about how I ordered the wedding stamps for our save-the-dates and also for the RSVPs and then the NEXT DAY it was announced that postage would be going up before the wedding, which means that I will have to add a 1-cent stamp to the RSVP envelopes or else redo it, and oh I am GRUMPY about it. And yours is much worse than mine. So I totally sympathize. I'm glad Conrad was there to save the day.

The Tomball Three said...

Conrad is a good boy!

Yes Rebecca- April 26th- it's getting REALLY close!