Friday, March 21, 2008

GOOD Friday

Conrad and I are off today - the both of us. We're both slow moving to get going this morning, but that's ok- it's a free day. We're about to go and find something for lunch and bum around town, but I thought first I would do the obligatory Good Friday/holiday post.

I took a long bath this morning and was thinking that this is an ordinary day, but I think that those of us who have the same viewpoint, should totally think about today for what it is. I will first of all say I am a Christian and I do believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that He died for us. But I respect all religions and viewpoints- my own family is filled with many many different beliefs. We're a mixed bunch for sure. I heard on the radio a few weeks ago that most people have the beliefs they do, because they were born into them. Few people stray from what they were brought up believing, or from what their parents believed and practiced. I guess that makes sense and makes me respect people who have gone out on their own personal convictions that much more... I am also not one of those Christians who is also a missionary or believes that all of us should have missionary tendancies. I am happy to talk about my beliefs to anyone who asks but I never cram things down other people's throat. I believe that turns away people more than attracts.

But for me, this is a day of reflection and in the past two years, I've had more blessings than I think one person deserves and I do believe they come from my Heavenly Father, who loves me.

Today, for those of us Christian believers, was the day that Jesus was crucified for us on the cross... and I pretty much saw it firsthand when I saw Passion of the Christ several years ago. Clearly, not Jesus's best day- or the most fun day of His life - but for those of us left behind, the most important day of all. That movie was extremely hard for me to watch, excruciating even and I've never seen it again. I guess maybe because of WHAT I believe, I believe some of that pain was because of me ... and it's hard to stomache. But all the same, I'm appreciative and I don't think about it enough or live my life in such a great way enough .... to really honor what this day means ... the symbolicness of it. Sunday is a miracle day- the Risen Day, but today is the Sacrafice and Love Day... I hope that no matter what your beliefs or relgion, you can think on that today - and sacrifice and love other people today. Especially the ones you take for granted the most- your friends and your family. Too often we treat those people the worst, because we know no matter what we do, they are "required" to love us and we spend too much of our goodness and our thoughts - by being good to people we don't know so they won't think "badly" of us. Pretty sad.

So I hope you'll go out and have a GOOD Friday and send nice thoughts, prayers, emails, letters and phone calls to all the people you love.

Peace, Love and God



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