Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday was pretty wild.

First of all, it was end of month, which at my work, is just insane anyway. It was also end of quarter ... so we were trying to get in as many orders to ship as possible- posting things out, so that the final quarter amount gets as close to forecast as possible. It was a double whammy. I was here until almost six, and I hardly ever stay late.

Then I went on some sort of RSVP mission too. I emailed and hounded everyone who has not sent their reply back. Today was the deadline and I know there are still some hanging out there. Every day I have been going home and checking the mailbox and it's been almost like Christmas, to see who all is coming and who is not. I have to say, there have been some disappointments, one that came close to heartbreaking- but circumstances come up, I guess. Anyway, but I need to tell the restaurant this week the final count, so I started sending out emails. Although out of 300 people - I have heard from 200 so really it hasn't been BAD with the responses at all. Everyone did very well. I'm so proud!

Then I had sort of a breakdown concerning the rehearsal dinner. Not my breakdown, but like a breakdown in communication. But I think that's squared away now. I need to confirm, but I believe we are about to send out the invites this week or this weekend at the latest ... it's a taco/fajita bar with margaritas- poolside. Very casual, Very Texas, Very nice. I hope we can continue this route, but like I said, I should know more later this week.

It was all very interesting yesterday. I did have enough energy however, to go home and make up some spice tea mixes and put them in some cute coffee cups with cute little spoons for the girls who are helping at my shower this weekend. I brought five of them up here. My boss is hosting, so for her I did a cute fish bowl from Crate and Barrel, some chowder mix, a ladle and a neat dishtowel- I wrapped it all up in cellophane like a gift basket and tied it off with a maroon (Texas A&M wedding colors!!!) bandana (Texas theme). I hope she likes it. She's not here today.

Anyway, that was my wild and crazy night.

Tonight, we iron bandanas for the tables! Only 36 of them. UGH



Jess said...

The rehearsal dinner sounds great! We are still stuck on what to do for ours. There's a restaurant that we consider our favorite but it's slightly on the pricey side and doesn't have any sort of private room so on a Friday night it would get pretty loud. Nothing has yet screamed out to me like oh that would be perfect. We're still looking.