Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reverse Valentine's

First of all, I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. I've always been under an enormous amount of pressure when it comes to this day- to me, it's not a jewelry and expensive dinner day... it was more a card, candy and flowers day- which adds up to what- $20? Ok, well what man wants a card, candy or flowers REALLY and then what can you REALLY find him that he'll enjoy for $20, that's not candy or flowers? Nothing electronic! So it's always been a day filled with stress for me. Maybe the card is too mushy and we're not "there yet"... maybe it's funny and he wanted mushy.... AAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK- and then of course, those lovely Valentine's Day when I didn't have a Valentine and it seemed like every girl at work got 3 dz roses, DELIVERED - or that time one of the girls got engaged. UGH. I really don't like this day. Also it was uncomfortable if I DID have a Valentine and some of my closest girlfriends didn't and I was filled with guilt and stress. I don't think this day is such a great idea...

So I think I MIGHT be a genius. Last night we did the reverse Valentine's Day. I got another bad report from my doctor- I had to go in for a three month follow up- and now I'm back to ANOTHER biopsy on March 4th- and so I just... I wasn't panicky this time, but I wasn't in a great mood. I asked Conrad if we could go out last night- so I got a great dinner AND it was on Monday and wasn't crowded. I was so not looking forward to Thursday night, sitting in line waiting somewhere .... AND I also need to go grocery shopping, which is normally a hassel on week nights, but guess what- everyone will be out standing in line somewhere Thursday night and I will be blissfully alone- at the GROCERY STORE! HA!- reverse Valentine's Day. I got Conrad to agree to no presents, did the dinner on Monday and will get my errands done on Thursday when all the other couples are out waiting in line, starving to death.




Julie said...

Hello there! I had to stop in and say hi because I am from Plantersville, TX....Yes - the home of the skeez-fest aka the Renessance Fest! Anyway - I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Have a great day!

Julie said...

What kind of gardening do you want to do? bushes, flowers, veggies, full sun or shade???
e-mail me at

Tracy said...


Yes I am alive. Barely.... JK

I have been traveling like a mad woman. I am on week 2 of 6 solid weeks of Sun-Fri travel. I am in Tennesse conducting Market Mgr trainings for the WM TLE's. Crazy.

Right now I am listening to the sleet hit the window of my hotel window... UGH!

I am worried about Obama. I think McCain could be a problem because of the war. People are pretty sick of it and he's stubborn about it. The whole thing has my stomach in knots...

I'm glad you are doing well. I totally love the idea of the Reverse Valentine's!

Love ya!