Thursday, February 14, 2008

Problem Child

I do not know what has gotten into Ms. Blanca Abercrombie-Hopkins. She is has been BAD for two days now. She has had no cookies, treats or tastes of Mama and Daddy's food. It has been major punishment time in our household.

Tuesday morning I got up and saw that she had tee-tee'd in the den. WHAT?! She is almost four years old and she KNOWS better. I don't know in the world got into her. So I called her in the den, pushed her nose in it (well, close to it, I'm not cruel) and swatted her on the butt. She sulked out of the den and went back to lay down and ignored me. When I got home, she made it clear she doesn't believe in corporral punishment and made a big show of cuddling and kissing on her daddy... and not me. Whatever.

Then yesterday I get home and her father informs me that THEY have had an altercation. One side of the yard is very thin between the fence and house. Conrad has laid down some weed fabric there so we can have a small rock garden- and it tends to catch water and mud. Blanca LOVES this area. Yesterday after he got home, Conrad said she went trotting down there and never came back! He said he called her and begged her and finally went down the side of the house and darn if she wasn't covered in mud. He had CARRY her back to the house to towel her off (because she refused to go back to the house herself) and when he would lift his hand, toweling her off, she would try to run! She was in BIG TROUBLE, mister!

Conrad put a baby gate up between the house and fence for now because it's so wet and muddy back there. God bless her, I have no idea what has gotten into her.

Conrad is so funny - he sat her down last night, kissed her on the top of her head and said "We love you and we punish you because we love you. Tomorrow you get another chance to be a good girl and earn cookies" (this is what we call her Milk Bones). Such a good and loving daddy. I hope the brat straightens up!

and THEN today I get a 20% off coupon at Steinmart. After that shopping spree the other day. It made me SO sad, until I realized I was heading there next week anyway because I need to pick up a hostess gift for one of the people helping with the Houston shower... so this will come in handy. Dallas shower this weekend (SO EXCITED!) and Houston shower April 5th. Time is really moving fast now.

I PROMISE to post a picture of my light in the dining room soon. It's been so busy!



Rebecca said...

Dogs are just like humans - they go through funks too.

Dickie said...

always looking for new treats for Basha!! hahahaha