Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am not a big fan of waste... it really really irritates me when I have to throw something out- and we have an entire tupperware container of homemade ranch dressing (from the Stupid Bowl) to use up. I don't think mayo and milk freeze well, so we gotta eat as much of it as we can.

Last night, I did the infamous Marlboro Man Sandwich and my own creation, ranch potatoes. The sandwich was just ok for me. I am not a big cubed steak person- I really rather prefer whatever the meat is we use for Philly Steak and Cheese- cubed steak just freaks me out. So I give it a 5 out of 10. I think Conrad liked it a lot more than I did- but I would not say this was his favorite. Strike one for The Pioneer Woman Cooks! - usually her stuff is great and I can cook it very easily.

Now the ranch potatoes were another story. YUM-O!
They were so stinking easy! First I cubed some of my leftover red potatoes I had and I baked those, with a little bit of olive oil at 400 for 30 minutes. While that was going on, I fried up two pices of bacon. I let them drain and cool, then I crumbled them up- like homemade bacon bits.
When the potatoes were ready - I threw them in a bowl with the bacon and just took a generous spoonful of ranch dressing and tossed it in and stirred it up. SHUT UP. We both were over the moon for this stuff. It didn't take a lot of dressing either- just enough to coat it .... we are SO having this again! It's almost like having cheese fries from a restaurant- I think next time I may chop up a few jalapenos and green onions. Conrad said he thinks cheese would ruin it for him - so we won't do that, but we may kick it up a notch next time.
We are currently planning our big trip back home to Dallas in ten days or so for my bridal shower.... and we are going to try to meet with the minister, attend a friends wedding, get both families together (the parents units from FL are coming to Houston on that Sunday to see the wedding venue) to meet for the first time (Conrad's parents met my mom and stepdad over my birthday) and also celebrate Kamden's first birthday... all of this around the bridal shower. We are so packed that weekend!
This wedding is getting closer and closer. I think we're down to 81 or 80 days or something. I can hardly believe it. It seemed like I had so much time and now, not so much.
Ok- off to do some more planning!


Rebecca said...

yum. I might have to try those. And I liked your yummo reference. I am actually going to see Rachel Ray film her show next week. Yes, I am a dork.