Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stupid Bowl II

Well, the Stupid Bowl is today. UGH! I can't remember when I have looked forward to a football game LESS. What a complete and total letdown.

Well the weekend wasn't a total waste. There's a space between this house and the next that becomes a giant mudhole whenever it rains - which is uh, EVERYDAY in Houston. Conrad, my smart home improvement man, figured out a way to combat it. He went to Lowe's and got sand and dirt and bricks and has laid out a little path betwixt the two houses. It looks great! He even made it into a nice pattern. I am more than impressed. I think garage saling and thrifting, etc is in my blood. I clearly got it and my hair color from my grandfather. It's something I can't help but do... and I think Conrad got this love of outside projects from his Grandpa McKinley- but good luck getting him to admit it. He likes to do yardwork and putter around outside- he likes to plant bushes and trees and flowers... he somehow magically knows stuff like what kind of material to lay on one side of the house, to kill weeds... just like his papa did. I never got to meet his papa, but these are the things I hear about him... and to my knowledge, Conrad just sort of KNOWS how to do these things... don't you think that's hereditary? I do. I think it's something we get in the blood, passed down from generation to generation. Just like for instance, I can look at a piece of china and pretty much tell you what it is and how much you could get for it. I never read a book or took a class, I just KNOW... same thing with furniture, which was my grandfather's passion- I can look at old furniture and I just KNOW stuff about it... Conrad has inhereited this garding/puttering trait from his Papa for SURE. So this weekend at the Abercrombie/Hopkin's house- we have a bit of the McKinley spirit hanging around here. I wonder if Conrad/Papa McKinley could somehow tell me how to get started on my veggie garden I so desparately want. I don't even know how or where to start...

In other news I paid off the wedding cake yesterday- thanks Mom and Brian!!!! ... and went to the florist and ordered all wedding-type flowers. I grocery shopped and puttered around the house. I'm going to head to Wal-Mart in a bit and finish up some last minute wedding stuff I can't talk about here- because certain people read and it's a SURPRISE!

Ok- so that's the weekend plans so far. I'm sure I'll be forced to watch the Stupid Bowl tonight. We are having ribs and chicken wings (drumettes). If you go over to she has a great baked chicken wing recipe. I'm trying it out tonight - I bought fresh drumettes yesterday!

Peace, Love and Gardening from Houston
K, C and Blanca