Thursday, February 28, 2008

White Hot Chocolate

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I somehow missed it. I am an avid listener of XM Radio and my favorite channel, much to Conrad's disappointment, is Channel 156 Oprah and Friends!

Her best friend, Gayle, has a radio program on from 7AM-8AM CST and I listen every morning. Did you know that Starbuck's shut down for three hours a few days ago? Some sort of expresso training, across the country. I don't drink Starbucks past a certain time in the morning, unless it's Christmas-time... so I was not affected.

Anyway- Gayle said they had something called White Hot Chocolate. WHAT?! I love white chocolate anything. So naturally, I rushed right to Starbucks this morning and ordered one. It is not even on the menu! Ah... the perks of being Oprah's best friend.

To my surprise, the man accepted my order and told me to pull around. $3.67 later- I am in heaven, PURE heaven! It's only going to be cold here a few more days before the summertime weather hits... yes, in Houston March might as well be August.... so I'm so glad I got to have this treat whilst it is still fridgid.

I even read on the Starbucks website that this delicious little slice of heaven is available at Starbucks to take home- the mix! Guess what's on MY Christmas list next year????





Jess said...

I have never heard of it either. Weird that they have stuff that isn't on their menu. It sounds yummy, though!

Rebecca said...

I am kind of a whore for the Starbucks white mochas. But I am slutty like that.

DeeDee said...

I HATE white chocolate! The smell of it makes me want to barf!

Eleanor said...

I always want to print out a list of everything NOT on the menu at Starbucks and try it all. I only recently discovered that pumpkin lattes are available year round but only on the fall menu. I feel cheated. I love me some pumpkin latte.

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