Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I've been a total schlub and I really, really hope that's not a bad word!

I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything. It's like after the light was hung and my shirt was boiled, I lost the will to do anything. Oh sure, I come to work, but I'm in a mildly comatose state. I haven't cooked dinner in two days. I am a horrible wife to be!

First my excuse was the Reverse Valentine's and frankly, I've never come up with a more brilliant idea. I can totally say that was non-schlub-like behavior. But then yesterday I got home and I just - sort of - laid there.

I blame this on my new fleece PJ pants. What had happened WUZ- I went to Steinmart yesterday for lunch, because HELLO my bridal shower in Dallas is this weekend and I MUST LOOK FABULOUS. (Even more so than normal and that is a HARD thing to accomplish) So I went there and they had all of their fleece PJ sets on sale for- SHUT UP- $12. YES. So I found a set and yeah, ok, they have Christmas trees on them, but really, the only time it's cold in Houston is Christmas and about 6 -8 weeks afterwards- we don't have those freak snowstorms in April 'round here. So I figure I can stretch the No Christmas Wear rules out another two months. They are SO comfortable- this isn't cheapie, yucky, dies in the washing machine fleece- this is laying around comatose because they are so super comfy fleece. I am in love!

Conrad had to go out in the fridgid 65 degree weather and forage us up some food, which I mean come on, he is the HUNTER of the family- so it wasn't that big of a deal, but I did feel guilty. HOWEVER I did help drag the trash and remnants of the hair-burning light to the curb AND I hung up a new cross I bought -cause we love JC and we advertise it, dad gum it!!!! ... and I uh- watched the Oprah I had TIVO'd and then passed out. Very productive evening!

I am hoping tonight I am more acclamated to my pants and I can at least walk into the kitchen and make some food. Also, one lucky blog reader is going to score some of the same pants! I picked up some for a Christmas present for this year coming up. I mean, $12- come on! So I got another pair and I know who I am giving them too and I apologize in advance if this tears your family apart next year- because you can't get off the couch, but I'm doing it because I love you. Many of my dear readers I know ARE also fleece PJ schlubs. I can think of at least... counting.... 4 maybe 5 of you..... and sadly, only one of you will have these pants... because even though it was only $12 I am not made of money, people!

I will announce the winner of this illustrious prize on December 26th- of next year, because I can't announce it NOW and ruin the surprise! Mark your calendars!!!!


P.S. and OMG, I forgot to tell you. There is Chico's next to the Steinmart mere miles from my work. IT IS A CLEARANCE CHICO'S. I was in heaven. I didn't find my black shirt like the one I repaired, but I found a $52 necklace on sale for $13 and let me just tell you, I make this necklace look gooooooooood, I am wearing to today. It is very dangerous for me to 1) have even found out there is such a thing as Chico's clearance and 2) be really really really near one. Ya'll pray for me.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love Chicos and Steinmart. And your fur baby is beautiful. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I enjoyed reading your blog. It's funny! Even though you don't like Valentine's and I totally understand the reason why....always so much expectations.... let me wish you a Happy Valentine. :) LOL...My husband did the same thing as you did. A reverse Valentine. He brought flowers and candy home today. I asked him why today and not tomorrow. He said it was to beat the crowds. :)

Barrie said...

I have never heard of Chicos or Steinmart. That is making me sad. Congrats on the good sales. Christmas pjs are to be worn year round, in my opinion. I'm still wearing my Christmas pjs because they are very very cute. Don't stress about the cooking thing. Cooking dinner on a regular basis is great over-rated. Have a great day!

The Tomball Three said...

Thanks guys!

I enjoyed your comments!

Christmas PJ's ARE to be worn all the time! YAY Barrie!

Happy Valentine's Day to you as well Lynn.