Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Months and Six Days...

That's how long we have left in our "single" lives.

I have this wedding planned out by month- what I need to do this month, next month, etc... and so far, it's going pretty well. Everything has fallen into place but now I look down and all I'm seeing are two months left! March and April to do lists are looooooong, but things like marriage license, check on flowers, dress altered, etc, etc... there's really not THAT much to do, but I guess I thought these seven months would go a little slower. They were slow until Christmas and now, it's really sped up.

We're down to 2 months and 6 days or as the counter says 66 days. Funny how 66 sounds like a lot longer than 2 months, 6 days.

Friday I will start back up with my "to do" list. I need to finish addressing the invitations and get those out, buy whatever it is that I need to go under my dress and HOPE it doesn't cause me to pass out, get the dress altered and cleaned... all of that coming up in the next few weeks. Oh and work on the programs... that's very important, but shouldn't take too long.

It's almost here!



Barrie said...

I think you must be the most organized bride-to-be I've ever met!! Very impressive. :)