Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last Saturday, before the bridal shower, we attended a wedding of one of our oldest friends, Mr. Colby Holland. It was in Dallas- downtown Dallas and was pouring down rain. Which signals good luck for the marriage!

I thought I would include some pics of Colby and his lovely bride, Elizabeth- who is an attorney in the Dallas area. Some other high school friends (Colby went to high school with us) attended as well- so we did a little group picture.
Sorry they are so tiny! It's Conrad, Adrian, his wife Joanna, Chendog, Jeff, me and Lam.

On the subject of our wedding, lots got done yesterday! I ordered the tags and ribbons for our favors. Those should be in - in a few days... I also went to Alfred Angelo Bridal and got all the contraptions I need to go UNDER my dress. I need this now because tomorrow is my fitting, and I needed everything I am going to be wearing that day, to ensure proper fit. So all of this is going to be done THIS WEEK! WOO HOO

Man, is it getting close! Also today if I have time, I'll drop my engagement ring off at the jeweler (so SAD when it's not with me!) because the wedding band has to be custom made. Something called a Shadow Band, which means it shadows the curves of the original ring. A normal band would not sit flush with this ring, because Conrad had it specially made and the princess cut diamonds are set in this triangular pattern... I really debated about this. The original ring is so unique, that I'm not sure a wedding band is even necessary. It sort of looks like the marquis is the engagment band and the ones surrounding it is like a ring guard/band. All I know is if a band takes away from this ring, then I just won't get a band... I should know this week. Many people have mistaken it for an engagement ring/wedding band combo.

But see what I'm talking about?

... and then tonight, I think the final invitations shall be addressed. Conrad is in charge of the stamps! They should go out this weekend. YAY!
... and you guys BETTER RSVP! The amount of food made totally corresponds with the number of people who RSVP. I'm told I will be very disappointed about the number of people who RSVP, but I just can't believe THAT! It's only polite to tell people if you need food made for you or not. This really stresses me out, because the restaurant is asking for an estimate and that becomes the "guarantee" which we'll have to pay for, whether you show up or not... so please please, just take the time to check yes or no and slip it back in the mail to me. I would be most appreciative.
I was joking when I told my dad that if I saw someone who did not RSVP gnawing on a rib, I'm liable to come take it out of your mouth! But I was only joking... ha ha ha... kinda... ha ha ha... kinda not.
Peace and Love from H-Town,


Jess said...

This is so exciting! I think having the wedding ring designed to sit flush with the engagement ring was a good solution. And it's a gorgeous ring, by the way!

The Tomball Three said...

Thank You. I love it- and the fact I had NOTHING to do with it- really rocks! It was a complete surprise.

I think shadow band is the way to go too, as long as it doesn't take away from the engagement ring!

Barrie said...

Very, very pretty ring! May the fitting go smoothly. :)

Dickie said...

get the band..MORE diamonds are a good thing! HAHAHAHAH oh and consider this my RSVP!!!