Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cleaning Up

Conrad and I spent a few hours last night putting away shower gifts- there were so many. I think tonight I am going to have to crawl under the island in the kitchen and do some organizing! It all fits right now, but it's sort of a jumbled mess.

We got most of it put away and will finish up tonight or tomorrow. I loved everything and if any shower-goers are reading, I appreciated all of it and all of you coming and sharing that special time with me. 'Bout time, huh?

Conrad and I both got caught in the rain heading home last night. I was going to cook up something good, but we both arrived after 7, so we just stopped separately and picked up dinner. I went to Popeye's and he went to Jack In the Box. It rained and rained, so I was stuck in regular everyday "we don't know how to drive in rain", Houston traffic and he was coming in the back way from College Station on those little two lane roads. There was an accident there and he was stuck for over thirty minutes. He has more patience than me- everytime I talked to him, he was in good humor. :) That's my boy!

Anyway, tonight more organizing and putting away and maybe some cleaning and perhaps an early jump on the laundry this weekend!



Rebecca said...

I love prezzies!

Barrie said...

You guys have Jack in the Box? I had no idea.

Congrats on the great shower gifts. That is so fun!