Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today I had my yearly review at work. This is my first formal, corporate review. I was scared to death- nervous and excited. WHEW! I am glad it's over. I worked for a small company before and I would't say the review process was formal at all ... so this was something I had not yet experienced.

I did really, really well. They of course can't give you a perfect score, because no one is perfect, but nothing bad was brought up. She said everyone liked me, all the management liked me and that everyone was very pleased and I had a phenomenal attitude... and I should keep that up. Since I have been here a year, I do feel I can take on more responsibility and for the past few months I had been asking for more. Today they told me I am getting a lot more- I have tons of things heading my way. I'm very excited. She also told me to go back to school STAT because the opportunity for me, here, with a degree is limitless- she said my attitude, my work ethic, my brain, everything combined means the skys the limit for me. I was so excited to hear that.

I am back in school come September- I don't have THAT much more to go. Wish me luck.

Conrad and Blanca are doing well. We are gearing up still for the wedding, the weekends now that are packed with stuff to do, the people coming into town, the showers, the everything- it's getting wild. While I am excited - I really hope April 27th comes fast, cause it will be over. I'm totally enjoying it and loving the showers- I'm trying hard to document everything and enjoy and experience everything cause I'll never experience it again... but with all that being said, won't it be nice to sort of get back to normal life... :)



Rebecca said...

Congrats. I good review is always a relief and a motivator. What are you going to school for?